About Us

Mission and Vision

At TiqueBox, our mission is to connect readers with refined literary works and provide a platform where discerning readers can discover and enjoy high-quality literature. We aim to curate a collection of thought-provoking and captivating content that enriches the literary world.

Our vision is to become the ultimate destination that indulges literary enthusiasts by bringing together an exceptional collection of literary creations within a user-friendly interface. We strive to create an immersive and remarkable experience for readers and writers alike.

Company History

TiqueBox was founded in About Us by Amy Hodges, an avid reader and a passionate advocate for literature. Being compelled by the lack of easily accessible yet exceptional literary content, she embarked on a journey to bridge this gap and bring literary masterpieces closer to curious souls around the world.

Today, TiqueBox stands as a result of years of devoted efforts, with a dedicated team working tirelessly to deliver remarkable literary collections to our valued readers. We have grown from a humble start-up to a popular online platform – the go-to destination for those seeking literary revelations.

Founder: Amy Hodges

Amy Hodges, the founder of TiqueBox, is an experienced literary connoisseur dedicated to curating the finest literary works. Her passion for books and her deep understanding of the literary landscape drove her to establish TiqueBox and offer a curated space for literary perfection.

Backed by an extensive background in literature and a profound understanding of readers’ preferences, Amy envisioned a platform that would unite literary enthusiasts and talented authors from various genres. With her unmatched expertise, she brings a singular vision to TiqueBox.

Our Website and Its Objective

The main objective of TiqueBox is to provide a refined online space where readers can explore an exclusive selection of high-quality literary works from around the world. Our website serves as an avenue for both emerging and established authors to showcase their literary achievements to a discerning audience.

Target Audience

Designed for literary enthusiasts and avid readers, TiqueBox appeals to those who crave distinctive and well-crafted works of literature. We cater to individuals who appreciate the art of storytelling and seek a deeper connection with the written word. With our diverse range of genres and diverse authors, we ensure that there’s something for every passionately curious reader at TiqueBox.

Unique Value at TiqueBox

What sets TiqueBox apart is our team of experienced and highly skilled editors, who meticulously review and curate each literary work before it is presented to our readers. We take pride in guaranteeing that every piece published on our platform exudes creativity, intellectual depth, and exquisite craftsmanship.

At TiqueBox, we not only offer profound literary masterpieces but also foster a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts, where connections are forged and discussions thrive. With our interactive features, readers can engage with their favorite authors directly, leaving reviews, and joining in lively literary conversations.

Join our literary voyage, and let TiqueBox take you on a journey through words, where extraordinary tales unravel with every click.

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